Proudly made in the USA, we are the only patented self-adhesive laser cut graphic
and patented repair process available on the market with a lifetime warranty!



Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by replacing your peeling, scratched, faded and worn buttons on your car radio, window switch, steering wheel, AC controls and more.

At AutoButtonRepair.com our mission is to educate our customers to “Install it Like a Pro”

For just a fraction of the cost, you can “LOVE” your car again by bringing luxury back to your cars’ interior.

Button restoration made so easy – you can do it yourself!

Proudly made in the USA, we are the only patented self-adhesive graphic available on the market with precision cut self-adhesive graphics and a lifetime warranty!

The Same Replacement Process as Major Dealerships

The AutoButtonRepair.com products and repair processes are being used by all your major dealer groups (Dealerships) in your local area. We participate in the used car certification program with all major brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW.

When it comes to choosing the best car button repair solution, trust AutoButtonRepair.com with your decision.

Patented Technology. Lifetime Warranty.

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If you are here to fix those faded, flaking, scratched, worn out
and ugly Climate Control Buttons and Radio Buttons, then
you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a product that
makes the unsightly fading of your buttons look like new again
and costs you a fraction of the alternative which is to
replace the unit itself!

If you have concerns about light showing through,
we’ve got that covered. Our product only shows light
through the icon itself, just like the factory button.
Everything else is blacked out.

These are not the cheap DIY buttons you find on Ebay.

Our patented technology comes
with a lifetime warranty.

US Patent #9,249,341
US Patent #10,040,977



Does your Factory Warranty not cover Wear and Tear?
As well known, replacement cost and time may not be a decision easily made.

With Auto Button Repair, we want to make the process
as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care
about your car and your experience, and it shows.

Our first-time customers continually become our long term
customers time and time again.

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With our patented technology and lifetime warranty,
make your car look new again!


We’re committed to serving you with quality and value.

Thanks for your amazing product. My 2010 Mercedes Benz looks like new again. Money well spent.
Terrie B., Orlando, Florida
I was referred to use your product, I’m very happy with the results.
Brad W., Houston, Texas
I pride myself with keeping my vehicle well maintained, sooo happy how it turned out.
Diane M., Atlanta, Georgia
Just like your website stated, using your install methods it took less then 15 minutes to install. Incredible value.
David R., Las Vegas, Nevada
Easy, affordable and unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the automotive industry.
Arron W., Jacksonville, Florida
BMW wanted thousands to replace two panels on my M series. At a fraction of the cost, I saved big $$$money by doing the repair myself. I’m elated.
Dr. Richard T., Naples, Florida
High quality product repair offered as an affordable option. Love it.
Jeff A., Miami, Florida